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Famous Arab Surgeon

Arabs Abroad: The Surgeons | Al Jazeera World

Meet an Iraqi orthopaedic surgeon and a Jordanian cardiologist who have built successful lives in the West....

2019-09-04 47:00 40 Dailymotion

Tayr el ramad- famous arab singers

Lebaneese and syrian famous singers get together to sing for Lebnan!!...

2008-06-04 09:34 661 Dailymotion

John Cena ? Famous Surgeon Fixed My DISGUSTING Elbow Injury

John Cena's elbow is on the road to looking quasi normal again after one of the most famous surgeons on the planet operated on the limb he destroyed during a li...

2013-08-21 00:51 631 Dailymotion

Arab King Announced Big Prize For Famous Singer

Arab King Announced Big Prize For Famous Singer...

2016-11-02 00:32 335 Dailymotion

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Boris Ackerman - I Want A Famous Face

Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Boris Ackerman performs breast implant surgery, nose surgery and lip enlargement to make a woman look more like her celebrity ...

2009-05-11 03:01 3,605 Dailymotion