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Zika Virus

Top 10 Need To Know Zika Virus Facts

Zika Virus: It's an emerging disease that has spread significantly into Central and South America, and it's causing major alarm at the World Health Organization.

2016-02-04 07:32 482,846 YouTube

The Devastating Zika Virus Explained

Zika virus is affecting hundreds of thousands of people across South America but what is this devastating virus? Why Are Mosquitoes So Good at Carrying ...

2016-01-29 03:31 657,463 YouTube

Zika virus - causes, outbreak, symptoms & pathology

What is Zika virus? Zika virus is a mosquito-borne virus that causes mild illness in adults, but has been linked with microcephaly in newborns. Find more videos ...

2016-02-03 06:57 72,017 YouTube

Zika Virus: What We Know (And What We Don't)

The Zika Virus is spreading at an alarming rate. SciShow News will explain what we know and what we don't know thus far. Hosted by: Hank Green ...

2016-02-05 04:23 608,684 YouTube

Everything You Need To Know About Zika Virus In 148 Seconds

What else do you know about the Zika virus? Now with audio you can hear! Follow all your BuzzFeed favorites in one app! Get the BuzzFeed Video app here: ...

2016-03-05 02:29 768,561 YouTube

How DOH plans to tackle Zika virus threat (FULL HD)


2016-01-30 08:18 12 Dailymotion



2015-06-25 02:41 13 Dailymotion

Officials: Zika virus now a STD (FULL HD)


2016-08-02 04:01 2 Dailymotion

Dallas County Patient Gets Zika Virus From Sex


2016-05-01 01:19 4 Dailymotion

A scientifically accurate model of the Zika virus. Visit

The biomedical visualization studio Visual Science has created the first scientifically accurate 3D model of the Zika virus at atomic resolution. The model is b...

2016-03-10 00:30 16,983 Vimeo

Protect Your Baby from the Zika Virus

With the help of Nexus Motion (Brograph!), I created these PSAs for the Virginia Department of Health, to provide info on the Zika Virus....

2016-09-28 00:30 474 Vimeo

Zika Virus Prevention

Elmo and her friend share important tips to prevent the Zika virus from spreading!...

2017-09-13 00:30 13 Vimeo

These Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Fighting the Zika Virus

Meet the genetically modified mosquitoes that are battling the Zika Virus in South America....

2016-01-29 01:13 1,125 Vimeo

Zika Virus (Flavivirus)

A 3D animation of the Zika virus, a member of the Flaviviridae family....

2016-02-12 00:13 224 Vimeo