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Grapefruit Is the Largest Thing a Whale Can Swallow, Here's Why

Animals do some pretty strange stuff: flamingos stand in the water on one leg, ostriches hide their heads in the sand... Or do they?

2022-03-31 08:48 233,103 YouTube

Why You Shouldn't Order a Medium-Sized Drink

Have you noticed that you subconsciously pick a medium-sized soda even when you aren't that thirsty? Many people buy a ...

2022-07-29 08:14 310,551 YouTube

5 reasons why the world is running out of chips

Did you know that there is an international chip shortage? Indeed, the world does not have enough chips, and it's a real problem.

2021-08-24 06:23 1,620,596 YouTube

96 Random Facts I Heard For The First Time

Nowadays one can find absolutely anything online. There's even no need to go to a library, as almost every book you need is in ...

2020-08-12 19:39 306,488 YouTube

What If Jeep-Sized Spiders Appeared on Earth

The biggest spider people know about is the South American Goliath birdeater. This puppy-sized arachnid usually has a foot-long ...

2020-10-03 08:50 355,268 YouTube